Crazy in Love badge description not reflecting max_likes_per_day setting

Noticed this on one of the communities I’m active on. They raised the maximum daily likes value to 150. This is reflected on all the badge descriptions save for the Crazy in Love badge. The short description still says 50 likes. The long description doesn’t have this error.

Checked the source code and 50 is hard-coded on the Crazy in Love description so I made a PR.

I naively thought that all the other locales just inherit from the en locale. Just realized that those were translated so the error can be found on other locales as well. Is there a single source I should fix first? Or is it fine to go ahead and fix all instances of this error on the other locales?


The other locales will be updated after your PR is merged, the en locale goes to the translation service, it gets translated, and then synced back into Discourse.


Got it. Thanks for the clarification!