Creat a user automatically when granted a Discord Role?

Most of our traffic is through Discord, but select members needed to write proposals use Discourse.

Has someone had something similar or requested something like so?

  1. User signs up and connects their discord account to discourse
    (either by signing up that way or connecting after)
  2. The user would be potentially added to groups on discourse automatically based on Discord role.
    I would want these specific groups to then sync the user to be added to a group on discord.

Have you been able to search through the forum for past work on this? There have been quite a lot of discussions and officially sponsored work. This topic: Discourse Trust Levels for Discord has some of these discussions and links to the different topics on what you are looking to do. Searching for Search results for 'sign up with discord' - Discourse Meta or some other phrase would show more topics.


For User creation, use the out of the box behaviour of the Discord login.

For group membership you are looking at something more complex.

@spirobel has a plugin that syncs Discord roles → Discourse groups, but he charges for it (good for him), so maybe discuss with him privately?

If you want to contribute to the main open source Discord/Discourse bot project, look at:

(but bear in mind it currently does not have fully automated sync (it is command initiated) and it in any case syncs the other way, but would give you a foundation in any case.).

There is also this plugin, but it doesn’t seem to be actively supported, and again goes the wrong direction. It is based on my code: Discord Sync: sync a Discourse forum with a Discord server. There is also a useful discussion about the topic further down.