Create a Wiki Post

To create a wiki post you simply mark an existing post as wiki-editable.

:mega: This is a POST level setting, so be sure you are looking at the POST menu, and not the TOPIC menu!

  1. Open the post wrench menu at the bottom of the post (it’s hidden behind the ).

  2. Select “Make Wiki”

Prerequisites for wiki creation

  • Staff (admin or moderator) and Trust Level 4 (TL4) users can convert any post into a wiki post

  • Non-staff users TL3 or lower can convert their own posts into wiki posts when they meet the following requirements:

    1. The user must belong to at least one of the self wiki allowed groups. The site setting is configured to trust_level_3 by default.

    2. The post must be converted into a wiki within the edit windows specified in the post edit time limit site setting that is relevant to the user’s current trust level:

Category Defaults

Additionally, staff can configure categories to wiki by default by editing the category and enabling Make new topics wikis by default

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