Can't mark a post as wiki anymore


  • Be an admin, mod, or TL3 (default for min trust to allow self wiki) site setting.
  • Find one of your own posts that’s not yet a wiki post.
  • Follow these instructions to wiki-fy:

Expected behavior:

  • Option to convert post type to wiki is available.

Actual behavior:

  • No such option is found in the wrench pop-up menu.

It has been removed from the admin menu and is now part of the post menu (which is controlled by the “post menu” site setting).

Do you mean it’s it’s own first-class item in the menu? If so, what’s it supposed to be called? Currently the help for that item doesn’t suggest.

Determine which items appear on the post menu, and in what order. Example like|edit|flag|delete|share|bookmark|reply


Have you tried wiki? :wink:

That seemed to work, thanks!

Are the same limitations still in place via the min trust to edit wiki post & min trust to allow self wiki site settings?

Yup, only the location of the button changed.


I want to come back to this because I really don’t like this change cc @techAPJ

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How would you like it changed?

I also kind of feel it belongs in the wrench and that we should expose the wrench to normal users if its an option.

The button there does not convey enough context and its a bit confusing.

Yeah we should expose wrench menu in some cases to users. It gets way too cluttered with Yet Another Button.

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I personally question the need to hide buttons in the wrench when they are already hidden in the overflow menu. Right now, as a non-staff user on Meta, I see 3 buttons on my own post: link, flag, and edit, plus the overflow button. Once I click the overflow button, I get 3 more buttons, bookmark, make_wiki, and delete. All of these buttons have tooltips that explain what they are. If you take the “Make Wiki” button and put it in the wrench menu, you go from 6 buttons to…6 buttons, and make wiki takes an additional click to use. The only benefit I see is that the text displays next to the button as opposed to being a tooltip. Considering that non-staff users being able to wikify their own posts is a fairly new feature, and (to the best of my knowledge) wikifying posts is not done with any regularity by a “typical” user, I don’t see the need to move this button another click away from a user.

Okay, done via:


Much better thanks! That extra button was annoying to me…

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Did this also get moved on mobile? Still seeing the wiki button on mobile…

Yes, now that the meta is deployed successfully, this should work for mobile as well. :slight_smile:

Fine to keep it here for now. I am sure @techapj will get it sorted quickly.


This morning (January 19, 2017), the green “wiki” icon has disappeared from initial posting.

After creating a post and clicking to wiki it, we used to get a green pencil icon next to the posting time. Now, it appears that nothing happens until someone actually posts an edit.

This is causing a ton of problems as users don’t think posts are being wikied. Is there any way to get this back during the initial posting?

I do realize that they should be seeing their pencil edit button at the bottom of each post, but they’re all used to seeing that green icon. It was very visible and easy to tell which posts were wikied.

Example: This post is wikied, although no green pencil icon appears.

EDIT: The above example had to be edited and the green icon now appears.

Here is another example of a wikied post with no Wiki icon

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@tgxworld changed the behavior but the green icon should show up even with no edits. For example, I am posting this as wiki. No edits yet. Do you see it?

I see @tgxworld the icon appears and then disappears. So this is a bug.

@tgxworld edited this wiki post :wink:


No, I don’t - but if I click on those three dots, I see an Edit icon - but it’s not readily visible at first glance.

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