How to create a wiki post in hosted Discourse

We have a hosted Discourse running at, and are currently trying to get wiki posts working in order to maintain an FAQ area.

However, none of us can actually figure out how to get the “make topic a wiki” option available despite going through older posts here on the subject. I am an admin with full moderator rights, and the trust levels seem right, but the option simply doesn’t appear. Is there some configuration or plugin required to activate wiki post functionality in the hosted instances?

For instance, this post has no option in the wrench:

Have you tried the wrench below the post?


Ahhh, that’s exactly it! I’d missed the tiny icons at the bottom… I thought the wrench referred to the per-topic one, and not the individual post ones.

Thanks very much for the quick response – I can confirm the wiki post button exists in the wrench :slight_smile: