Create and only view own posts option

I think it would be a good idea to incorporate a permission within a category where a user can create topics and only see the topics he or she created. I saw this was already suggestion over 4 years ago so I thought maybe there would be more of an interest.

This can help with moderator applications or whatever without having to use a service such as Google Forms to keep everything isolated, my use case but I guess it can differ among other forums admins.


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That would be good for a Support / Ticket category :+1:t2:

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Have you considered having users send a PM to a group for this? Users who send a PM to a group will only be able to see the topics they have created. Members of the group the PMs are sent to will be able to see all messages in the group inbox. This is how we handle customer support at Discourse.


I didn’t think about that, thanks! :smiley:

A user with the necessary permissions to create PMs can also PM themselves so they are they only user who can see their “topic”.

This is discussed in a topic where users wanted almost the opposite ability to provide a link to your own web page in your user profile card:

I think this feature may be the dumbest contribution to classic 1999 forum software. It’s only requested by people who have Stockholm Syndrome having been exposed to it back in the day…