Create New personal chat is a bit odd


I think creating the personal chat works a bit odd now. I mean, if userA creates a new personal chat but hasn’t posted anything to the channel, then to userB show up an unread green (1) badge which is in this case indicates that a new personal channel has been created?

I think it would be better if the new channel is only created for userB when userA sent the first message.

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This is also in our internal listing, hopefully I can adress this soon :+1:


@joffreyjaffeux I think this is long fixed by now, no?

No it’s not. It’s non trivial to fix. I have started work on this and a lot of refactoring of last months are steps towards this.

I have the same issue, it’s hella annoying :smiley: Same when you have personal chats on the left side, and click it, the other person gets the notification and when they click it, see nothing, then I get the notification… #infiniteLoop

Maybe this could be less trivial?

We’ve come across a funny bug so whenever I open the chat box towards my friend Simon, but I do NOT type anything. He gets a notification (green circle ball) next to our chat window.

If he checks his messages, he obviously doesn’t see anything because I haven’t typed anything. BUT this makes it so that I get a green circle next to his name. Resulting into an infinite loop of chat notifications without writing any chat messages.

I’ve had it a few times with different people now.

I have the impression you misinterpret the online indicator as a message indicator. The online indicator appears as soon as you open the chat

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Not at all.

These green balls (not showing personal chats, since I don’t want to expose their names)
or Maybe it is, but then it’s super weird behavior… If I click on the chat the ball disappears. Which would be weird behavior since they are still online. It basically disappears when I read the chat window.

Also next post has an example of having a chat notification the same way without having any chat ongoing.

Another example from another user: (this was our first chat ever so I didn’t even have a personal chat window on the left side open)

I also see this:
If I click it, it just opens a chat where there is no new message.

Sorry for the triple post but new members can only put 1 embedded picture in a post :smiley:

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Hey kristof,

It seems the same issue that is described here:

Can you confirm?

Yes but it’s a bit more. because if the chat window already exists then you open it, you’ll have the same effect. (probably the same)

I’ll merge the topics since you added a bit of info, even if it may be the same issue. :slight_smile: