Create new topic in category with specific tag via URL

Is it possible to launch the “create a new topic” window in a specific category using a specific tag with a URL?

Here’s the use case:

We want to help customers add their questions about specific Google Sheet templates we offer to the correct category using the correct tag based on the solution. Our customers can access information about the solution in the sidebar of an add-on so we have this idea of having an “ask a question” button in that sidebar that would automatically launch the “create a new topic” in the right place with the right tag for them.

Each solution has a unique tag so that all conversations in the community about that solution can also show in the sidebar.

Yes, it’s possible to pre-fill the composer by clicking a URL, there are more details here: Compose a new pre-filled topic via URL… does that cover what you’re looking for? I’m not 100% clear if there are more requirements you’re looking for within your use case.


This is awesome and exactly what I’m looking for! Thank you!