Create New Topic, Quote

what is it for? does not work

Result above.

That’s the show quote in reply button. Replies are not quoting the replied message by default so by clicking the quote button it will be more obvious for readers to know to what you have replied to.

When creating a new topic you can navigate to an existing topic and click that button to quote it. You’re right that it only functions in certain situations, it’s pretty rarely used for new topics.

but why does the button exist when creating a new topic?

is it possible to remove via css?

The button is not useful when creating a new topic, It does not work.

For answer only :thinking:

It does work, but only if you’re creating a new topic while viewing another topic.

To hide it with CSS:

#reply-control.topic {
  .d-editor-button-bar {
    .quote {
      display: none;