Create-restricted category, "new topic" does not list any categories

(Florian Bender) #1

On a Discourse instance I support, there is a category where only employees can create new topics but other registered users can read & reply. Those regular users can visit the category and click on “New Topic”, the editor appears. However, they cannot select a topic category since the category dropdown is empty, and thus they are unable to post their topic at all (neither in the category they are in, nor any other category).

When I visit e.g. the #blog category on Meta, the “New Topic” button is grayed-out and cannot be clicked (“forbidden” sign appears instead of mouse – though no explanation text appears on why I cannot click the button). I don’t know if the bug has already been fixed upstream or the category settings are different.

Category settings:

  • everyone can read & reply
  • employees can read, create & reply

System setup:

  • category-oriented, topics cannot be uncategorized
  • SSO with existing CMS, access restricted to logged-in users only
  • 2 admins and no moderators (thus only 2 employees)
  • users are auto-assigned TL1 upon first login
  • self-hosted v1.4.3 install (tracking the stable branch)

To conclude, this report is about

  1. UX issue: lack of user-visible information on why s/he cannot create a new topic and/or a visual indicator and a message that s/he is not allowed to create a new topic in this category (similar to what I see in Meta’s #blog category)
  2. bug: category list may be empty / user is unable to select a topic category

Thank you & best regards!

(Jeff Atwood) #2

When you view source what is the version printed in the source?

(Florian Bender) #3

On Meta: 1.5.0v8
Affected install: 1.4.3

So it may have been fixed already, but I could not find a bug report for it here, thus I posted this one :slightly_smiling:. I’ll try and see if I can install a local tests-passed version with a backup of the affected install but it will take a couple of days until I can get to that.

(Kane York) #4

This is an interaction between:

  • filtering to subcategories in the create dialog
  • filtering out categories you cannot post in