Why can't admins create a new topic from the category index page?

As a user, I want to create a topic while viewing the /categories listing page so I can start writing without having to go back to the latest topics page. Right now, I can only “Create Category” (or maybe not even this since I’m actually logged in as an admin).

IMHO the “Create Topic” button should be visible both on /latest and on /categories.

Hadn’t noticed. Now I can’t unsee it, and went through all stages of loss and grief trying for reasons that someone would intentionally omit the button. Y u do dis?

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Ah, right. “Create Topic” goes away on /categories because “Create Category” needs that space when an admin user is viewing it. I was judging this as a normal user, on meta.discourse.org, without looking at my own instance.

While it contextually makes sense to do that (you’re an admin, on /categories, and you want to make a category, not a topic), it’s actually a fairly bad UX move. Admin or developer chauvinism, really. Besides, category creation is such a rare event that it’s not even convenient. You have to remember that it’s possible, and go there. If I’m looking for that ability as an admin, I’m going to click “Admin” first.

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I don’t see a create topic button here on /categories for regular users. @neil can you add that to your list – we should have a create topic button here for non-admin users.

I continue to believe that admin users should get a create category button here instead. Sorry.


Is there any valid reason why an admin shouldn’t see both buttons?

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I added this today. The Create Topic button will show if you can create topics and the Create Category button isn’t being shown.