Creating a private message with multiple users

I am thinking about using Discourse for our project, and I had two questions:

  1. Is it possible to create a private message between multiple users specified by another user where those users can talk privately amongst themselves? (almost like a private conversation)
  2. If 1) is possible, can a private message between mulitple users be created using the API? I see in the docs that you can create a private message and pass multiple users in (Discourse API Docs), and I just wanted to make sure that I understand how that works.



You can start a PM with multiple users and walk yourself out if you like/need

don’t know about the API portion :slightly_smiling_face:



Basically, everyone target_usernames will be included on the message. They’ll be able to have a conversation that only they can see and interact with. Depending on the site settings, others may be able to be added to a PM, or it could be converted into a public post in a category. To let you know more about PMs. :slight_smile:


A user can send a PM to other users as long as those users have “Allow other users to private message me” checked in Preferences/Notifications The “Messages” checkbox is at the bottom of this pages. :wink: