Creating a social site with discourse

Hey, I want to create a social site with discourse
I don’t want to create a social site like facebook because it’s not possible.
But, I want to create a community of fan following means let’s say “Rock” fan following. I will invite all rock followers to discuss on community.
This is just an example because I want to create multiple category for everyone.

Is it possible. I know it’s possible because I am using discourse on already two my community.

But, those community are not social.

ohh, hard to explain. May be some of you definitely understand what I want to say.

It may be a dumbed idea but I am thinking about implementing this strategy.

What you think and what should I use for the implementation of this idea.

Discourse wasn’t necessarily built to be a social networking site, a’la Facebook or a Twitter… there’s a key difference between those types and what Discourse offers.

For instance, you can’t really “follow” anyone… rather, you follow conversations/threads. Again, fundamental difference here.

But to help you think through this… aren’t there existing tools that you could use that could achieve your aim?


We’re going to need a bit more information on what you’re trying to achieve here. I’m with @8BIT on his comments. Discourse is meant for discussions. There’s no following, friendships or anything as such. People can like topics, discuss on topics and share content, media.


This is the primary function of discourse - DISCUSSION.
Reddit is also is discussion website. What I want to setup is asking user which category they love or want to join.

Then on front page, only those category post will be shown but in latest and popular, all category post will be shown just like reddit.

That’s what I was asking
Also, allowing users at level2, to create group and category according to their need.
May be this thing will increase engagement on the form.

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Reddit is better thought of as thousands of communities with their own sites, moderation, styling, structure and etiquette.


Reddit also isn’t discussion, but rather “submit video or picture or link and comment on it”. The difference is not subtle. Any “discussion” that is dynamically reordered by votes is not really a discussion in the traditional dictionary sense of the word any longer.


That’s what I am thinking about to create.
Not reddit but on discourse.

Example - let’s assume, I am a popular youtuber and have a popular fanbase. I invited all my fanbase to my discourse discussion form for more earning by ads.

Now, many from the fanbase are definitely followers of other youtubers.

Now, I create another category “NAMED THAT YOUTUUBER” and allow user to discuss about that youtuber their and through this way, their will be many category but not all want to read about everyone.

That’s why, on front page, we asked user what they like and only those category post will be shown to user on front page.

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It seems to me that the following material is interesting in this topic. Social networks, communities. Sometimes it’s functional. Discourse is more of a community than a social network. . And it’s great!


Community vs. Social Network

You can try to put a social network script and groups from this network with the discourse to make a single entry.