Creating a 'stickypost' for forum threads

I can’t find the answer to this despite searching.

Our forum represents a group who are represented in real life by the exec, and we need therefore to have a summary post for our substantive threads, that brings together the issues identified through discussion, and allows briefing of the exec.

In other fora I have used ‘stickyposts’ which are a post which always stays at the top of a thread, out of chronological order, and I would like to make those wiki style so that the members can edit and update the summary / make corrections etc.

Can anyone advise the best mechanism please?

Or, if you want a specific post in a topic pinned, maybe this plugin would be of interest?

It will only allow one post in a topic to one pinned at the top of the thread however.


Maybe you can convert the first post of the topic into a wiki. You can easily navigate to the first post from anywhere within the topic with the help of the timeline or by clicking on the title at the top.


Currently I don’t believe there’s a way to make a post sticky within a topic. I think when this question has cropped up before one suggestion was to make the second post in the topic a placeholder for such a summary. This would require some forethought though to make sure a suitable one was created at the time.

It would be possible to manually move all the posts in an existing topic into a temporary topic, create a new placeholder post, and then move the posts back again but I think it might be a faff.

There are some new AI summary tools that appear at the top of topics which may prove useful?

I’ve managed to find a very old feature request for it, but it didn’t gain much traction:

I think I have seen another one somewhere. :thinking:


Yeah, to me, if a Post is this significant, it should be the OP if not from the get-go, so my vote goes to creating new Topic with this Post.

It’s logical to assume any comments on this Post will be replies so can be moved with it.

I thought of that but the members posting a thread don’t always realise it is going to be a substantive issue, and it feels a bit odd hijacking their post :slight_smile:

so the proposal is to create a new forum thread with the header post, and MERGE the existing posts into it? Just checking

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Interesting - that would indeed pin a post to the top, but it looks like the Question post is then moderated and can’t be edited by the rest of the users, whose role it is to collaborate on the gathering and synthesis of the group’s position on the issue