Creating a table generate empty lines between rows in certain circumstances

I’m reporting this bug that has been noticed and reported a while ago but isn’t fixed yet so that it can be tracked more easily. :slight_smile:

Empty lines will be added inside the table layout if there are empty lines below the line on which we’re going to use the table builder.

No issue:

If there’s a line (empty or not, it doesn’t matter) directly below the table builder’s line, there will be an empty line just below the header’s separator:

:information_source: Multiple filled lines below each other will trigger the same behavior: only one empty line will be added below the header’s separator in the table layout.

However, if there are multiple empty lines below the table builder’s line, there will be additional empty lines in the table layout, between the body’s rows.

For example, if there are 3 empty lines below, there will be a total of 3 empty lines in the table’s layout.
One under the separator, and one between the first two table body’s rows:

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