Creating a table of content like shown below?

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first of all, I´d like to say, that discourse is great. I really aprecciate the work of the developers.

We just set up a new chat-forum and now we are trying to organize some wiki-styled things. In the “how-to”-categorie, I saw some tables on the top, which are so cute:

I´d like to have something similar as a toc. Can anyone please tell me, how to implement those boxes in our forum?

Is there a plugin? Or are there any other ways to create a table of content on top of a category?

Thx a lot for your answers.

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If you go into the settings for a parent category you can find this option to display subcategories


Great, thanks!

Is there a limitation for entries in those boxes or will there be hundreds of entries?


If you go into the settings for the subcategory you can configure how many appear, I believe 3 is the default



three is indeed the default and seems to be the maximum limit. up to let´s say fifteen would be nice though,… I´ll seek in here if I can find a solution how to change this, but first I´m gonna have supper…

thx Kris!

Not quite sure what you mean. I just changed the setting for #howto:faq here on Meta, there are now 6 topics displaying:

(Will change back later today…)

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Thx, you guys are the best.

I was trying to change the amount of entries in the main-category. It has to be changed in the sub-category thogh!

I´m kewl with that now!

ps. Is there a solved flag anywhere ´round here?



Yup, let me get that for you. :slight_smile:

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