Creating an offline topic reading archive

Hello. I am a new fan of the website and have been finding several of the discussions very insightful.

As I do not have a computer with full-time access to the internet available in my room (I use a central public computer not in my room), I have resorted to making kindle .mobi files which I then upload to my kindle and can then read while I am alone in my room. Making these .mobi files (which I try to have include all responses to a given discussion), however, I have found not that easy to do owing to the limited number of responses which seem to be able to be viewed in the browser window at any given time (i.e. when I hit Ctrl+A to select all responses in a given discussion, only a portion of these responses are selected leaving many un-selected).

I have tried two different chrome extenstions (“Push to Kindle” and “Send to Kindle [by]” which automatically create .mobi files and then sends them directly to one’s Kinde via wifi ) to try to capture whole discussions and have met with similarly limited results (only a portion of the whole discussion will have been made into the Kindle document).

I have also tried creating Word documents by “Selecting All” and then “Pasting” which, as mentioned above, takes several “Select All” partial-selections to, by piecing these partial-selections together, create a complete (i.e. containing all responses) .doc file which I then convert to .mobi myself and then upload to my Kindle later. While this last method works in a way, it is also time consuming and I have occasionally unintentionally missed some responses in a discussion.

So, this is a long explanation given in order to ask if there is some way around this - i.e. is there any way I can easily “Select All” contents and literally have that function select the entirety of any given discussion in this discourse. suttacentral forum (with the ultimate aim of allowing me to then create a .mobi file from that selection)?

I’m not sure who will read this, but thank you in advance for your time. This discourse community very impressive. Thank you.

Kovilo Bhikkhu


You might have an easier time trying to export the print view to PDF and sending that to a Kindle?

The exact steps will depend on your operating system, but if you go to file > print in your browser Discourse will provide a stripped down version of a topic with all its replies. Both Windows 10 and macOS provide an export to PDF option from their print dialogues.


Thank you. Your reply was very helpful :slight_smile:

Great work on your site!


Kovilo Bhikkhu

Adding a .mobi or .epub renderer to the topic view would be a really cool, if somewhat limited in utility, toy project for a plugin.