Creating Custom Flag

Hi there,
I’m deploying an development instance of discourse at the company I work,
and I need to add a custom flag with something like this “candidate to knowledge base”.

Someone knows an plugin or configuration for me to create a custom flag, not only the “inappropriate” and “others” flag that it is already on the discourse?

Thank you.


Wouldn’t a tag work for that? We have a very similar #faq-material tag here.

No, we need a custom flag.

I would be interested in this too, with a ‘please delete my topic’ option.

It was discussed earlier and is on the roadmap but does not get requested a whole lot. May be a while!


Hi @fredlima @codinghorror - I am very interested in this addition as well.

Having a custom flag option so that an email can be sent to a certain admin would be very very valuable. Say, I would like to flag a post that needs to be reviewed by legal. I hit the flag button that says: [Legal Review] and the email gets sent directly to our company’s legal counsel. Thus, they can fix the flag and I can freely post back to the question.

If this coding is possible, could you let me know how I could go about making it?


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+1 here for support forums that require escalation to specific staff that can provide immediate assistance to the member.


+1 for a custom flag.

I like the OP’s idea of a Knowledge Base candidate and would consider adding it too. Our need is for a “Violates Eula” flag as well.

Are you aware of the assign plugin?


Is it staff or general users that would be flagging it for review?


+1 For This.
In our forum, we are trying to avoid full, working solutions in posts, so users can learn instead of searching it up and copy/pasting it without learning. Many users are aware of this and are using the something else option when people post a solution, but it becomes waaay to annoying because it’s used too much. A custom flag will save their time and our time.

It’d be users… and the EULA would be specifically about our software, not the forum.

+1 support for this.

Actually it’s about +5 :joy:

Generally seems like a good idea to me. A close topic option for OP would be useful instead of typing the message in the something else option.


We have quite a few competitions in our community. Many of them involve art and creative writing. From time to time, we get someone plagiarising work to win the prize. So, it would be nice to have an option specifically for the staff needing to look at an art piece to see if it has been traced or copied, etc.

Plus, a “please delete my topic” flag would be very helpful!

The “message the moderators, write a message” flag type is sufficient for both of those.


So one situation that I don’t think is covered by existing flags nor tagging:

Security and cryptocurrency communities attract a lot of cranks and nutjobs. Direct blocking or shadow bans are a bad idea, because if the crazies think that there is a conspiracy… You get the idea ; )

The ideal solution is to sink the topic and suppress notifications to anyone who isn’t involved. That way the crazies can just keep on talking to each other.

+1 support for this one

Any update on this feature? I would love to add a flag for fact-checkers that could be sifted through more easily with the ctrl + f hotkey with one term rather than have 30 different words for one thing under “something else”. Especially since we can’t sort by flag categories.

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Custom flag or at least editing the current flags would be more than welcome. We intend to use flags whenever there is some question/topic not formulated well enough to provide solid response, e.g. missing link, … despite having a category template some user just ignore or forget about the guidelines.

re-using the spam flag to something like: missing information and providing a predefined text where the user could learn and augment the initial question would be a great way to move forward. Hopefully gaining better question overall, leading to better answers, and less fed up repliers.

Any thoughts on how to prioritize this up? or some pointer to the code to maybe contribute something back?