Credit per post and answer

Hey, guys!

There’s an american writing community called Critique Circle that has an interesting feature for such niche (which is mine too): making a new post costs 3 credits, while answering gives you from 0.5 up to 2 credits, depending on how many words your answer had (they are trying to force deep feedback).

Do you know if there’s anything similar to that around here? If not, how would you approach it (be it by coding or by establishing deals with the community)?

I thought they were Discourse-based, but, if they are, it’s been heavily changed for their needs.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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The page that you link to definitely isn’t Discourse and I can’t see the actual forum without an account.

I’m not aware of any plugin which currently does what you’re asking, but it would be buildable.


It looks like this:

Definitely Discourse, right?

Ok, Hawk! Thanks for the quick answer :wink:


99% yes indeed. That look and feel is Discourse.