Cryptocurrency tip system

Hi discourse!

I have many requests for Crypto tip system.

I also want to reward my users, active users, with some crypto tips.

is this possible?

i can imagine the stuff in my head …but i dont know how to implement it into discourse

  1. setup vps linux server
  2. install crypto wallet daemon like bitcoind, sibcoind, dashd, or any of the currency
  3. add some cryptos to that wallet
  4. connect forum to that wallet via rpc commands
  5. discourse users would have a link that can create user on that wallet that will get them their crypto address
  6. also tip button underneath any users post so that user can tip user

Please consider this, is there a way for it?? :slight_smile:

some pointers




There’s a deprecated example here:

You could try our #marketplace to hire a developer to work on this. Something similar has already been proposed:


Hi @CryptoRux

We were also thinking on developing some kind of tipping functionality. However we decided to go a slightly different route.

The problem with the standard tipping bot is that the bot essentially acts as a bank. You transfer money to the bot and then you can tell it to tip other users. The bot would keep internal accounting how much each user has, and when the user requests their earnings, the bot would transfer it to an address controlled by this user.
This method has the following issues:

  1. You need to trust the bot operator. If you are running this operator yourself then the users will have to trust you. If you rely on an external service you will need to trust that the service operates honestly and reliably. History shows that there were many tipping services in the past but for some reason they all died out.

  2. The service operator will need to implement protection against money laundering. Normal Bitcoin or Ethereum transfers are public. But the internal transfers by the tipping bot are not and so can be used to launder money. This means that if the tipping service doesn’t want to have problems with the law, they will have to implement at least some of the security features that the current crypto exchanges have. It will also have to keep the history of those internal transactions. All of this would make the service expensive to run and would degrade the UX.

The standard tipping bots have one very big advantage: it’s possible to do micropayments, since you don’t have to pay the transaction fee that you would have to pay if your transactions were made directly on the Bitcoin or Ethereum network.

The plugin that we are developing will avoid the problems with centralized tipping bots because the users will transfer money by performing transactions directly on the Ethereum network. In this way all transactions will be public and the risk of money laundering is reduced. Unfortunately for every transaction you will have to pay a fee, which is not insignificant. So micropayments (i.e. tipping) will be unreasonably expensive.

There is some development which might allow cheap microtransactions in the future. However as far as I am aware we don’t have a working solution yet, especially for the Ethereum network.


@Tzanko_Matev thank you for this clarification, it makes sense about money laundering.

In my case, i would not have much on that wallet, just some small ammounts that will be used by my forum users to tip each others for helping, etc.

Im thinking about a Verge (XVG) coin, that has less fee for transactions, and would make things easier for tippers.

Also, Tokenpay and SIBcoin have small fee, that would be good also!

Please, if you guys make this tip bot, let us know :slight_smile:


Still nothing here :slight_smile:

Is there anyone who is interested to build this? :slight_smile:

Hi @CryptoRux,

We are working on it. Santiment has contracted a developer who is working on it right now. Here you can see the initial results: This is early alpha version - you can use it at your own risk!

Edit: Just checked the fees you need to pay - they are not too bad. Right now according to one ETH transfer costs about $0.009. But sometimes the network can get congested and the fee can go higher.


Thank you for this @Tzanko_Matev

Thats why i proposed XVG - VERGE

it has small fee, and its like built for things like this!

Please consider XVG also, i can also ask community to contribute if he can import XVG

@Tzanko_Matev please fix plugin, after latest update of discourse there is problem with accepting save when entering eth adress

@david stated this problem is solvable so please do :slight_smile:


@RuxBux thanks for letting me know. Sorry for the delayed reaction, was quite busy. I added the problem as an issue ( and will try to get this fixed soon. We also accept PRs :smiley:


Hey, wonder if there is any more action / development on this plugin. Its a great idea… and I assume it would be pretty easy to port to Binance token since BNB is an ETH fork?

In any case, thanks for the work you have done so far.

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Anyone who can assist me creating this plugin?

I can help with blockchain side of plugin, but i really cannot write plugin :frowning:

ANYONE? :smiley:

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We’re more interested in verifying NFT avatars :wink: as an optional plugin only


@codinghorror you could also look at adding such functionality for discourse

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Thanks, but as some of the team dev said, they need to vote and ensure there wont be any conflict with stripe payment system…

On the other hand, i suggested tip system, where user will have integrated wallet for crypto, where he can tip other users as a thank you note.

Does anyone knows how much would that plugin cost, for someone to develop it?

Take it to the marketplace and ask, perhaps.


it might be worth integrating web3.js - Ethereum JavaScript API library along with discourse?

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Cool idea, didnt knew that is possible!

I know my entire community would step in and contribute towards this plugin!

It might, but ETH is not the only crypto, so it would be wise to develop to that point where you need RPC connect to daemon to fully support costume chains