Web 3.0 features?

Is Discourse going to make the transition to Web 3.0 or will it remain a Web 2.0 application? For example, will Discourse move to the blockchain where it will be possible to build DAOs based on Discourse with social tokens, NFTs and cryptocurrencies?

Blockchain, DAO, social tokens, NFT, cryptocurrency. :scream: What?
Discourse is a forum, not a bank.
I don’t understand any of these acronyms, though, I’m so 1.0. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Discourse goal is:

to raise the standard of civilized discourse on the Internet through seeding it with better discussion software - source

How do you envision

helping we (royal “we”) further achieve our goal?

Wasn’t 3.0 the Semantic and Decentralized Web?

To that extent you could argue Discourse already is very much Web 3.0, even tough we are still working on Discourse 2.8 :stuck_out_tongue: