CSS to hide the Posted and Seen columns in the group member page

As of Discourse 2.7.0.beta4, some custom CSS we previously used to hide the Posted and Seen columns on the group detail page no longer works. Instead, we just have the “Seen” column.

I want the only column between Posted, Seen, and Added to be the Added column. The CSS below previously worked but no longer does.

/* remove "Posted" and "Seen" columns from group-detail member lists */
table.group-members th:nth-child(n+4):nth-child(-n+5), table.group-members td:nth-child(n+4):nth-child(-n+5) {
    visibility: hidden;
    width: 0px;
    font-size: 0px;

How do I modify the CSS to make Posted and Seen hidden again?

Here’s a two-minute video that explains the whole situation if what I wrote above isn’t enough.


Hey :wave:

Thanks for the video.

The table header on that page has an extra column for the bulk-select button.


So, your nth-child selectors are off by one.

Try this and see if it resolves the issue for you.

.group-members {
  th {
    &:nth-child(6) {
      display: none;
  td {
    &:nth-child(5) {
      display: none;

I don’t see us making any changes to that layout any time soon. So, using nth-child selectors should not be a problem here.


Your CSS worked. Thanks a bunch!


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