Displaying TL4 members on the /about page?

Is there a way we can show case or list our TL4 members on the /about page?

Currently we display the staff and the moderators, it’d be great for us to showcase our TL4 group of members on the same page too.

Is this possible with some CSS or JS magic-trickery?

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Hey Richie,

I found this. Hopefully its still helpful / relevant


Perfect, thanks @ondrej :smiley:

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There is something unusual about the layout though, tagging @awesomerobot as the linked post is locked.

The TL4 group of users that I have added only span two columns but the admins and moderators span three columns :thinking:

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That’s strange, I’m not easily able to reproduce it, for me the column count stays the same across all sections… it might have something to do with the length of the user information in that section? Either way, on closer inspection I think the flexibility of this layout can be improved to avoid leaving what looks like an empty column at some widths

:point_up: that’s not the greatest, and can be improved to better fill the space… not a very high priority change, but I can look at updating this when I have time

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That’d be great, thanks Kris @awesomerobot :smiley:

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