CSV report of Data Explorer not downloading for a group

We’ve got an issue where group members who have been granted access to a Data Explorer query cannot download the CSV.

All other functionality is working just fine

  1. we can download the CSV when run from /admin/plugins/explorer/
  2. we can download the JSON when run from /g/groupname/reports/

What we see is a new tab is opened with an appropriate URL (eg /g/groupname/reports/7/run.csv?download=1) but the tab is blank and no download occurs. This happens on multiple browsers.

Is it just us? @pacharanero may be interested in this.


I get the same behaviour when I attempt to download the CSV file from a group’s page on my dev site. The warning I’m seeing in the logs for my request is:

Uncaught Error: Assertion Failed: Attempting to register an unknown factory: 'site-settings:main'
Window Location: http://localhost:3000/g/eurorack/reports/93/run.csv?download=1

@nathankershaw I’ve not encountered this issue but I’m not regularly using the Data Explorer plugin and not with groups. If you visit https://discourse.digitalhealth.net/logs/ after you try the export you might see errors there. Also worth checking the browser console for Javascript errors. (Ctrl+Shift+K on Firefox, probably something similar on Chrome, you can also use Ctrl+Shift+I and then navigate to the Console tab, refresh the page, look for errors, perform the problematic action, again looking for errors.

If you wouldn’t mind starting a Staff thread on this functionality you’re using on discourse.digitalhealth.net (for reference mainly) and then we can discuss and hopefully resolve the issue

Fixed via:

I believe group report CSV exports were broken ever since this feature was added. Thanks for reporting this issue @nathankershaw. :+1: