CSV-uploaded Tags upload fine, but only the first four appear in composer drop-down

Pardon the bad color scheme. I’m still testing and learning this awesome software. Props to those of you who are developing it. This seems to be a bug:

CSV file uploads just fine. All items present as expected, perfectly alphabetized:
scr 2020-12-09 at 3.57.45 PM

Although all.CSV-uploaded tags are present in the Tags view, only the first four are apparent from the composer’s dropdown (everything after “lisbon” does not appear). Workflow:

No Androscoggin tags showing after the one called “lisbon” in this dropdown, but they do appear in the Tags view, as shown above.

Switching topics, I’m struggling to figure out how to re-use parent tag from within the composer. Can it be done? (My goal in using a tag hierarchy is to (a) keep the dropdown menu simple, in composer, and (b) because many municipality names actually DO replicate from state to state).

If the author wishes to tag two towns from two different counties or states, I don’t think my test-case hierarchy will work because all the parent tags have already been assigned. LOL, even a tag called “place” has been assigned, just to get down to Leeds, so now all place names disappear with my current arrangement. Is there a better way? (Note: I do not have “limit one tag per topic” used in any instance.)

BTW; I love the hierarchical side-by-side dropdowns for categories and subcategories. This will work very well for the forum I’m building (history/genealogy related).