Tags from parent not displaying in dropdown

I have a tag group that is not displaying the tags when the parent tag is present (third-party-lens)

I should be seeing these tags:

I have this working with other tag groups that go one level deeper than this, but for some reason, these refuse to display, any ideas?


I will dig if related to dropdown component or not.


Can you still reproduce this? I tried and can’t.


Yes it’s still happening, can you try going another level deep? This is four levels deep (for sale > lens > third party lens > fourth level that is not showing)

There is no concept of “four levels deep” in discourse. There is only category, subcategory, and then tags on either of those.

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I’m not talking about categories, but tags. I have four levels deep of parent/child tags.

LOL, well, there’s your problem. Why would you do that?

You’re adding Tag 1, Tag 2 (requires Tag 1), and Tag 3 (requires Tag 2), and are expecting Tag 4 (requires Tag 3) to appear?

I wonder if it’s possible we can restrict this from happening (checking if a tag has a parent before allowing it to be a parent?), because I suspect this isn’t infinitely scalable… Tags were designed with only one parent level in mind.


Because it works very well for a classified category…

Select tag ‘for-sale’ (other options are ‘wanted’, ‘trade’) > which gives you more options to select what you’re selling, in our case camera body, camera lens, tripod, etc. > from there let’s say you select camera lens, then you have the option to select the lens brand, if it’s say a Nikon lens then that’s where it ends, but you can also select ‘third party lens’ which has tags that apply to multiple lens brands like sigma, tokina, etc.

Correct. I suppose I can work around this, but yes if it doesn’t work beyond three levels then there should be a way to not allow this to happen.

I’m not sure tag hierarchy is intended to work beyond two levels. Can you confirm @neil?


Sorry, my first tag is not a parent, so yes it seems to be limited to two levels. Some way of preventing more than two levels would be great for new users, now I have to redo a ton of tags in a new way because I had no way of knowing and was excited about the possibility of these levels of granularity. Thanks!


Correct, this was not intended to be used as an arbitrarily deep hierarchy. Interesting that you got it to work for 3 levels, but I don’t recommend it.


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