Current status of Arabic text support?

Hey! First of all I want to say that I love the project, as someone who has been using mesage boards for years, this seems like a great breath of fresh air compared to some of the creaky dinosaurs out there.

I did some searching about this topic, but could only find fairly old threads. What is the current status of Arabic text support? For interface elements as well as text input. I’m looking at a large number of smartphone-only users with extremely limited English knowledge and trying to decide if this is the right software for me.



The Discourse community uses Transifex to add and maintain translations to other languages. According to the project page, Arabic is 88% translated.

The Discourse team regularly pulls in changes from Transifex, so you can see also see the recent changelog for the Arabic translation file on github.

You can oin that project on Transifex to get a closer look and contribute updates.

Recent work has been done by @simon and others to improve RTL support in general as well.