Cursor does not appear in reply field with Waterfox browser

When I start a reply in the Waterfox browser even on this forum, the cursor does not appear when typing, making it difficult to reposition the cursor to edit text:


The cursor displays fine when I start a new topic or private message, but does not appear when I reply to an existing topic or private message.

This issue does not occur on Chrome or Edge. On the Discourse based forum I take care of, someone mentioned the cursor does not appear on their Firefox browser when replying, although the cursor appears for me in Firefox.

To replicate this issue, try to reply to any topic here in the Waterfox 64-bit browser, such as the portable version which is also affected.

Just a heads up, we do not support Waterfox. See What is Discourse? | Discourse - Civilized Discussion. Not saying we won’t fix it, but it’s not a high priority as it doesn’t impact the supported browsers.

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Probably best to report this as a bug to Waterfox, not us.

Possibly this bug (also affecting Firefox), although I can’t see any transform CSS in Discourse.


From checking that BugZilla thread, this issue affects Firefox ESR, the extended support release for organisations. The example David points to is another Discourse based forum.

To test, I installed Firefox ESR (60.7.1esr 64-bit) and as I write this reply the cursor is missing. The workaround they mention (minimise and restore) does indeed trigger the cursor to appear.

I will reply to that BugZilla thread to mention this.


I doubt they will backport any fixes, a new ESR is out now and the old one dies in October


I am also seeing this issue in Firefox ESR.

As indicated in the Superuser thread linked above, minimizing and restoring the window seems to restore the cursor again.