Reply to not working

Hello everyone,

I’m using the Airport CEO Forum, which is running on Discourse. I think that it’s great, but I’m experiencing a little bug lately. Sometimes when I reply to someone’s post, it doesn’t show up as a reply to that post/person, but just as a normal post/reply. There is however a little arrow with the username that shows that I’m replying to a user in the editor while typing…

I still couldn’t figure out what’s the cause of this or how I can reproduce this…


Little update on this: the reply does however shows up as a reply on the post to which I’m replying (when I click on the little arrow that says for example ‘2 Replies [Arrow Down]’). So actually only the arrow and the username of the person to who I’m replying to in the upper right corner of my post is missing…

If the reply is the very next post, there is no UI element to show that in Discourse. But the poster being replied to will see a “reply” notification.


Ooh… This could actually explain a lot! :slight_smile: Thanks for the quick response. Issue solved! :smiley: