Custom account (and notification?) system without emails

I’m using Discourse for my Minecraft server’s forums. I was going to make my own forum but didn’t have the time and it of course wouldn’t be as good. I do like my authentication scheme, though: Register online, verify ingame, use in game name and website password to sign in. Discourse seems to required an email even if I did make a custom SSO solution though. Is this possible or do I have to make my users use emails?

If you use SSO it might be possible, though all emails would need to be disabled in default user prefs. @riking has commented on this use case before as I recall.

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If the code for your custom authentication scheme already exists, you could just ask for email during that initial signup and do SSO :slight_smile:

Or you could do something extra-wacky like delivering email notifications to your own server that then get shown in-game?


Is there no way to do it without email? The idea is to not require them to have emails… Though at the same time, every player does have an email, could just ask for an email and not verify it. But it’d be preferable to not require email

If you’re not going to verify emails or rely on a sign on source which verified email you should skip email all together.

But does discourse actually allow you to do that?

one thing I could thing of is making it do e.g. where uuid is the player’s Minecraft UUID as the email. If it’s not actually verified anywhere, is there anything wrong with that approach (obviously it’s not actually a real email)

In theory that could work, you need to be very careful to disable all email related preferences by default.

Just bear in mind that Discourse is architected around the central concept of email = identity so when you choose to violate that assumption, you’re not just swimming upstream :swimming_man: , you’re roaring upstream in a speedboat :speedboat:.


Yeah… I think I’ll just make people sign up with email and maybe add the ability to trust the server by just signing in with mojang credentials (too bad Mojang doesn’t suppose OAuth!). thanks for your help though! :smile: