Custom add "Nofollow" to specific links

I link out to tools and websites from my forum. I already have rel=nofollow turned on for UGC.

But I want to be able to custom-add no-follow to specific links I post myself (I’m the admin).

The forum code for links looks like this:

[Auphonic]( Audio Optimization

Is there a way to add rel=nofollow in that code?

No, there is no way to do this.

You could try logging in as a new user and posting the link that way to get the low-trust links.


Is it possible to submit a request for this to be added? Because for the long-term, to use the forum as a content hub, we need to be able to control outgoing links to some extent, and being able to add tags to links - like nofollow, or open in a new tab - is pretty important.

Users already have a preference in their profiles to determine if things open in a new window.

If they’re setting their preference why would you be given a means to override it? Wouldn’t that be confusing to them and generally user-hostile?

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I would like to be able to set it at a global level and they can override it if they wish to (99% won’t). And opening in a new tab is just one part of it. Being able to customize the forum-code, especially with nofollow, is more critical.

As Jeff said above, there’s no way to do this.