Custom CSS... how?

I’d like to tweak the presentation of the poll banner with a different background color. From this:

To this (or something like it):

Getting the class name was easy enough. But I’m not seeing where I can tweak the CSS. Admin → Customize → Colors isn’t it, and I’m not seeing where to get low-level access to the CSS properties. Do I have to do a full-on plugin for this?

This thread makes it look like it’s available from the UI, but I’m not seeing the “Custom CSS/HTML” part of that screenshot in my instance.

Are you using an existing theme already or do you only see ‘Default’ under “Themes” in Admin - Customize - Themes?


I see Default and Dark.

Aaand… Now I see it. I was looking at Customize → Colors (silly me) instead of Customize → [click on theme]

Thanks for your help! :smiley:

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