Custom email text based on watching status?

My forum still has a handful of listserv-type email-only users. Some of our categories are set to “Watching First Post” by default, but we’re worried that many of those users may not understand this. We’re working on education, but I’m wondering if there’s also a technical solution.

Is there any way to insert some custom text in the email notification footer when the category is set to “Watching First Post” for that user? (Something like “You will not see replies to this topic unless you change your notification settings.”)


Never mind! :slight_smile: Another person on my team finally found the setting I was hoping existed: user_notifications.user_watching_first_post.text_body_template

I don’t suppose there’s an index or something for all of these settings, that would make it easier to find specific things in the future?

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Generally the best way is to find the text you want to change and search admin/customize/site_texts for it.

The closest thing to an index would be the translation files in Discourse’s source… there are 2 for each language and these files contain nearly all the text in the app. For English they’re client.en.yml and server.en.yml… the user_notifications.user_watching_first_post text is here in server.en.yml, for example.

So you can search these files for text you want to edit, and then search for the key and edit it in admin/customize/site_texts