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Hello everyone! I noticed that due to recent licensing changes Discourse removed Joy Pixels from the emoji sets. I have a license for Joy Pixels and was wondering how I can upload the set back, so it is integrated with the emoji picker and not just the custom emojis section.

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I’m still wondering if this would be possible. I did see the setting in my site admin section called external emoji url but I am not sure what it wants in the directory of that URL.

Under Admin → Customize, there is an emoji menu where you can upload custom emojis for use anywhere on your site.

I believe I misunderstood. You want to upload a whole emoji set.

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My only real issue with that is that I want to completely replace the emoji set with Emoji One instead of just adding a few custom ones.

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That is technically doable using this setting as a hack.

Upload the emoji set you want to a website you control, follow the directory structure we use and borrow one of the existing sets name. For example, let’s say you have for this:

  1. Create a folder at the root of the website named google

  2. Upload you custom emoji set inside that folder following the directory/file structure you see at

  3. Test if it works by visiting Does it shows the correct emoji?

  4. Go to your own Discourse instance and set external emoji url to Also set emoji set to Google.


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