How to create a new emoji set

I have tried to search this site, but couldn’t find the answer to this question:
How can I create a new (custom for my site) emoji set that either extends one of the existing default sets, or is selectable in settings on its own?
I have recently migrated my forum from phpBB to Discourse, and while we love the modern look of Discourse, my members miss the large collection of custom emoticons for the old site.
I started adding them manually in Customization, but that poses three problems:

  1. It is a large undertaking for all the emoticons
  2. You can only use them if you type their exact name. You can’t select them in the emoji-selector
  3. Some of the sizes are off (squished), even though I haven’t ticked the “force square dimensions” for emoji setting

I have probably overlooked something here, Discourse is very new to me. If someone could but point me in the right direction?

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The custom emojis are on the last tab of the emoji selector modal

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For the Q3 : you can adapt the size of each emoji using this CSS

img.emoji[title=":haha:"] {
width: 20px;
height: 20px;

They’ll always appear weird on the selector but in the posts, it’ll be at your taste.

Also, here’s my emoji plugins, you can use it as an example : you can sort them as you like without any alphabetical order, they’ll be in the custom section on the selector, after the uploaded emojis.
The default plugin was made by @zogstrip, you can find it here : GitHub - discourse/discourse-emoji: Boilerplate plugin to add custom emojis

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You should be able to select them via the emoji toolbar icon in the editor. There is a dedicated tab for custom emoji.

Here is what it looks like:

There is no support for an entirely new replacement set of every single emoji, just adding additional custom emoji.

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Thank you all for your fast and helpful pointers! I have found the custom smileys tab today. It wasn’t there yesterday, probably something with browser caching.
I will try the css and look at the plugin.
My question has been answered.

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