Custom fields added by plugins - when would they be visible?

Continuing the discussion from Adding and editing user custom fields:

Would these fields even show up on user / admin pages I would have assumed it would only be the user_field_X which are added via the site/customize…

I ask, because I’ve created a field called “subdomain” in the database directly, and it’s no where to be seen in the GUI (which is as I expect)

Never, unless the plugin also adds UI for it.

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Good. So this isn’t a factor in what I’m whining asking for here

I ran into this problem and wasn’t sure if there was a better way to expose it under User’s preferences.

Any thoughts?

@sam Could I get your thoughts on the above? Thanks :smile:

Well … any update on what ended up happening here :wink:

I ended up using a plugin outlet here. From what I know, we still don’t have a clean way for plugins to expose custom fields on the user preferences page.


I’m trying to do the same … what would be a cleaner way?