Custom Group based on Invite Code

Is there a way to generate multiple invite codes for signup and that will automatically put people into a specific group?

I’m using groups to manage security for a few categories, and there are a few different user groups.

It would be nice to give people a specific invite code and automatically add them to a group so they can see that content when they login instead of having to manually add them.

Thanks for the help!

I know @sam is working on revamping the invite via link system to integrate it more fully. Not sure what the ETA is on this.

On @techAPJ’s list, he should get to improving this over the next few weeks. That said the bulk invite stuff should cover the OPs use case afaik.


Once use case that the current bulk invite system doesn’t seem to cover is where the invites need to go out from third party partners (who can’t share the email addresses with us). So there is the need to give the third party a code that they send out directly and then assign the user to the correct group(s) based on the invite code. Again the challenge is we don’t get access to the invite list.

Sorry, I am having trouble understanding this use case, can you explain it step by step with how it works today vs how you wish it worked?

Hi sam, I’m currently associated with an educational community which as a similar case like OP suggested, Let me try to break this down:

Expectation is to Generate a Per-Group invite code based on the Team/School name

Then Hand it out to the Volunteers Going to the School for promotion of the community.

Anyone who joins using their invite code gets added to a dedicated school group where they can use their group messages for internal discussion and general forum for educational discussion.

Apart from this, the same group/membership count is also useful in case of referral commision to such volunteers.


Yes that exact use case is on @techAPJ’s list