Custom pages for About and Guidelines - how to replace the default?

How do I do the following?

I would like to replace the default About page at with a static About page I have at or redirect the former route to the later one.

I’d like to do this for the default Guidelines page as well.

Tried creating custom Permalinks within the Discourse like:
/about => (external) => https://host.tld/about => (external) => https://host.tld/about

But it did not help.

You could hide the existing links in the hamburger menu using CSS

.menu-container-faq-link, .nav-item-faq, .nav-item-tos, .nav-item-guidelines {
    display: none;

and then add custom hamburger menu links


Thanks, I know I can hide things, but that’s not the point.
I think it should be possible just to use own custom About pages, just like Privacy and Terms of Service.
(i.e. without monkeypatching)

I’ve put this into the CSS but it didn’t work.

The Menu-Buttons at the about / tos / faq pages disappeard but the FAQ-link in the hamburger menu is still there.

How can I remove this one: