Custom plugin isn't displayed after update

Hello! We tried to update only our custom plugin, but update button was disabled, so we’ve decide to update Docker Manager (because only it has active update button). Once we’ve done it, Discourse and our plugin have automatically updated, but our plugin disappeared from main page (it is enabled in plugins setting bar). May the update of Discourse trigger this behaviour? (we haven’t update it for a long time)

Docker manager updates block any other updates.

Is it possible your custom plugin is no longer compatible?

how could I check is it compatible?

  1. Run a rebuild from the command line and look for error messages?
  2. When on the website, check the javascript console for errors that might be related.
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  1. As soon as I know, there are no error messages during rebuild - sysadmin confirms that plugin is on and running
  2. There are no error messages in website console neither

Then I think you are going to have to get into the weeds.

Create a dev instance and add some print statement and use console prints (e.g. pp), byebug and debugger to follow the progress of the code.

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