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:discourse2: Summary Add a custom link to the user profile
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Install this theme component

A small component to add a customisable link on the user profile.

Shows on…

  1. The expanded user profile

  2. The usercard


If you leave profile custom link field empty, it will default using the username, so in the example case it would go to

If you want to use a custom user input field, you have to set the value to the exact name of the userfield, example:

  1. Create the user field

  2. Set setting to user field name

  3. Have users fill out the field

Now it will go to

For a more advanced implementation, take a look at the Multiple Custom Profile Links component


Does this get “nofollow”? Will it be sent akismet?

This is definitely going to be used by spammers!

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Just a quick nitpick, that should be, right?

Also, any particular reason why this suggests http GitHub instead of https?


Haha yes, that’s a typo. Thanks. I’m not reinventing url structures here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Not at all