Custom user field class wrong?

I’m not a CSS expert but it seems that there is a mistake in the classes assigned to custom user fields of the confirmation type (check box) which leads to them being wrongly displayed on the user preferences page.

While for all other types of custom user fields (drop down and text) label is used for the Field Name, in confirmation type fields, the label class is used for the actual tick box together with the Field Description. This makes CSS targeting somewhat difficult and inconsistent and results in this

being displayed like this:

but this

being displayed like this

Ignore the grey background in the first example (it’s custom CSS). The point is hat the Field name is not displayed in the second case.

Taking a closer look using SelectorGadget reveals that this seems to be intentional because of the way the default confirmation fields are supposed to be displayed:

The highlighted elements are in the label class. So I can see why, in the case of the email settings, it might make sense to put confirmation fields in the label class and not to display their field name, but I still find it somewhat inconsistent and in the case of custom fields it’s a problem.

Can anyone follow what I’m trying to say?