Custom user fields: Required field asterisk missing for confirmation field

Maybe it’s a bit of an exaggeration to call this a bug, but I guess strictly speaking it is: If you set a confirmation type field as required at sign-up, there is no asterisk next to it like with the other field types when they are required.

Possible duplication of this topic.

To be more specific about the issue described here: the confirmation field (tick-box) is correctly required at sign-up, it just doesn’t show that it is with the asterisk.

I created a new account and I could create one without creating/putting a Name in the “Name” column. So, if it is required, should I work on this and put an asterisk with fields which our required?
Could you please help!
@pfaffman @tophee

By default the full name is not required. See setting full name required.

Would turning this setting on answer your question?


How do I turn this setting on?

/admin/settings you can then search for it.


Thank you.Got it! :slight_smile: