Required * should be next to all required fields in sign up form

On my sign up form, only Age shows a required * symbol. However, the email, username, name, and password are all required as well in my form. I suggest the required * symbol show up on these fields as well because right now, it’s confusing why I’m not able to create an account.


Yes, you’re right. It’s confusing that we’re not consistent between default fields and custom fields here. Let’s fix this.


I am not sure I agree with this. In the default form only one field is optional, and it says so, so adding an asterisk to every other field is kinda noisy. I would be opposed to this change.

Having it happen only when there are other custom required user fields is an option, but feels like a lot of engineering work without a paying customer to underwrite that work. We have a lot on our plate right now.

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I agree that it’s not necessary by default because it’s a short form, but it’s bad that we do two different things when custom fields are present. We do already have a class in there when custom fields are present, so I think it’s an easy change to show asterisks for all required fields in that case.