Customising (removing) default text in reply/new topic box

Hi, I’d like to reduce/remove the default text in the replies/new topic box (i.e., “Type Here. Use Markdown…”) and also reduce/remove the choice of icons available to users.

It currently causes a bit of confusion to some of my mobile users (apparently it’s too much for them on their small screen and so they struggle to know where to click).

Many thanks in advance.

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Admin, Customize, Text. Search for those words and edit to taste.


Instead of removing, why not make the text color (at least on mobile) blend in a little bit more, with a whiter gray?

That could help too, but I’m not versed in HTML/CSS so I need to stick with the standard, available changes.

I invited a friend to test out my basic site, but she struggled with navigating a simple reply to a topic. So the first step I thought I can make is to reduce the amount of text and available choices.