Customising the CC field in outgoing emails

How do you customise the cc field in outgoing email message?

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I’m pretty sure that it will take a plugin. What is your use case?

I’m still getting requests from a community group we support to remove our site name from outgoing messages.

I’ve changed the subject line … the from address … the main remaining one is the carbon copy title in the email.

The long term answer is to set up a multisite … the service we are providing for the community groups we suppport at this stage is gratis. I’ve worked out how to split the containers. The hassle I can see with multisite is handling incoming emails for several domains. I’ve note you’ve manage to solve that using IP6 addresses.

Changing the title of the carbon copy would suffice for the moment. I’d be happy to work out how to write a plugin if need be.

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Tons easier to just set up another site for $5/month or figure out multi site.


You’re doing a ton of engineering and incurring a lot of technical debt for a service you’re providing at no cost.


I’m well aware of that!

On the plus side I’m learning what can be customised from an admin perspective.

I’ve already decided to learn how to write plugin’s for discourse so that work won’t be wasted.

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