Setting a reply to field for outgoing email

We have a few different communities in our discourse site.
Is it possible to set a reply to field in the outgoing emails based on the category the topic is in?

What would this accomplish? Changing the cosmetics of the email address only?

It would give the people getting the email context.


We have our main team, 2 choirs, 1 community club and my own music group.

A lot of the people in the choirs and the club are not tech savy.

If the reply address belongs to the domain(s) and categories they recognise it will ease a lot of push back and a lot of training / explaining.

I can set up email forwarders such that there is only one incoming email address.

Most email clients these days hide the email address in the From field anyway. I doubt that changing the from: line would help.

If people are confused, then your best bet would be to create a multisite instance so that each community remains distinct rather than contriving to keep them all together.

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I use the reply-to field a lot to ensure context is maintained.

From a project management perspective, it’s easier to manage in one instance. Bringing a new client / group on board means creating categories and groups rather than firing up a new instance.

Is that something that your not-tech-savvy people do? I’d be surprised if they’d notice.

I totally agree, but I don’t see any other way about the problem that you describe about users being confused about the forum they joined being a bunch of different groups.

Wouldn’t %{optional_cat} in the email subject accomplish this, especially if you place it before anything else in the subject line?