Customization in body tag won't appear in some pages

If I add some customization in body tag like a div as shown in below screenshot:

The div appears in normal pages, but it won’t appear in some pages like (topic not found) page: for example

While other customization works as expected that is added via head Header Footer etc.


This is somewhat tricky

I can spot two issues here …

  1. footer is not in footer tag. Which may be very tricky to fix if static pages add footer already.

  2. We are missing <%= raw theme_lookup("body_tag") %>

(2) is probably very simple and safe to add… (1) is hard.

@Johani can you add this to your list to determine if (2) is safe and just do a PR for it.


We now lookup theme fields more consistently in all the relevant views.

Thank you for reporting the issue @leo.proctor :+1: