Edit DiscoBot "Greetings" msg + Customize Onboarding

(David Kwan) #1

I was wondering if it’s possible to edit this initial discobot greetings message. I like the links included but would like to tweak the wording to match my community:

Also, I am interested in customizing the on-boarding process for new users. For example, I’d love to include a checklist for them to complete with customized steps on how to get started. I’d also like to perhaps edit the design of the home page shown below or add a cover page that is slightly less overwhelming. A few users have told me that it can be a little much at first:

Lastly, I’d love to see/hear about examples of what others have done to improve the on-boarding of new users and convey the purpose of their specific community. I am not as concerned about teaching them how to use the actual features of Discourse (the discobot is doing a great job of that), but more so teaching them how they can use our community for it’s specific purpose (sharing educator resources and becoming certified in our program).

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(Joshua Rosenfeld) #2


(David Kwan) #3

Thanks Joshua. Do you know if there is a way to see how many people have interacted with the Discobot and/or completed the tutorial (receiving the certificate)? I went to discobot’s profile but do not see any activity there.

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #4

You can look through discobot’s messages to see all the conversations. If you want to know just who completed the tutorial, look at the Certified badge.

(Christoph) #5

See also this discussion:

Onebox showing wrong avatar?