Customize hamburger menu to add switch what switches theme and applies predefiend filter

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Can I add an entry in the hamburger menu what switches to predefined filter and activates the Kanban Board Theme Component (or any other of the those lsited below)
In addition, is shall make visible

in the navigation bar.

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Duplicate your current theme, enable/add those components to the new one, give it a name.
Next, install the Hamburger theme selector and them to both themes. Let me know how it goes :slight_smile:

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means I merge the current one with the Kanban Board Theme Component?

If you only want the new theme to have Kanban boards, then add that component to the duplicated theme only.

slowly getting it thx :blush:
are there options to customize the hamburger menu besides of addin the theme selector?

as far as I remember navigation bar can be customized but cannot find the anymore.