Customize invite message also for "invite others to a topic"

usually I’d rather use the mention feature (@) rather than the invite button at the button of a topic. because when I mention someone, I can explain him the reason of mentioning.


  1. when the cm wants to invite several users to a topic, each for different reasons, the topic becomes ugly if he use mentioning in a reply.

  2. also in a fruitful discussion, where everyone is making arguments about the main subjects, jumping in and saying “I think @someone can help in this matter” is like a noise!

  3. also this feature already exists for the global invitations! and I’m sure some of the reasons why it felt needed there, also fits this situation.

at the end, may you extend the customize-able messages also to the invite button at the end of each topic?



Yes, I would also like to be able to write a few words when I invite people to a new topic, especially when the invitee is not yet a member.

Is there a reason why the custom message is limited to forum invites and not available in topic invites?


I just encountered this today. @erlend_sh invited me to an old topic. With invites you start at the top of the topic. As such, I was reading through 1+ years of discussion, with zero context. I ended up messaging him separately to figure out why I was invited. Having a “message” when inviting a user to a topic would have resolved this by allowing @erlend_sh to tell me in the invite why I was invited.


Wouldn’t a whisper make more sense in that scenario?

Staff to staff, possibly, but a whisper is visible to all staff, where a message on the invite is not. Whisper also will not work for non-staff invites.

In this particular (and probably common) case it would have worked, though, so I am struggling to see the rationale.

Part of it is noise. The topic is bumped for all site staff, which does not need to happen for one staff to tell another staff member about it.
Also, the whisper is “public” (to staff), whereas a invite is not. If one staff member wanted to tell another staff member something about a topic, they shouldn’t need to tell the entire staff.


Apart from the specific use case for staff invites, is there any chance that topic invites will get a custom message?

As @Pad_Pors said:

so perhaps topic invite could build on that?

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